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At Mid Valley Pediatrics & Allergy Center we think about asthma every day. Many of our patients have asthma and milder forms like exercise induced bronchospasms have periodic exacerbation, especially in the winter months. this can be a scary experience for the child and parent and can quickly become a life threatening situation. We’re fortunate to have powerful medicines available to keep asthma under control, as well as diagnostic and treatment tools we can use in the office to keep kids with asthma healthy and safe.

Our specialty asthma program was designed by Dr. Pathak to help parents and patients better understand how the disease works, how to manage it, and understand why we prescribe the medicines we do and the importance of compliance. Our office is one of the few pediatric clinics in our area to offer pulmonary function tests such as Spirometry testing.

Dr. Pathak has trained all of our providers at Mid Valley Pediatrics and Allergy Center to ensure that the instructions you’ve been given are clear and easy to follow. If you ever feel they aren’t clear, or if you’re not sure, please call our office and have them explained again.

If your child ever has difficulty breathing — whether or not they have asthma — don’t attempt to treat them at home. Always seek emergency care.

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